I have very well considered the optical design, the structuring and the user guidance of my internet presence, so that individual preferences can be implemented at any time. This makes it possible to create different functions and designs that offer visitors new information and user options.

More than a website, I used a landing page as a solution, where my visitors get a complete overview of me and my abilities. Plus, a taste of my work.

I invented a slogan for me „Difficult work, taking great skills“. The slogan should sound memorable, but by no means detached. And it should emphasize my strength as a Multimedia Producer.

For the user experience, I thought of three kinds of navigation. The site is divided into six sections: Introduction, Portfolio, Performance, Break, About me and References. The user can reach each of these areas by scrolling, through the dots or through the menu icon.

The user also has the possibility through a sticky navigation to contact me by e-mail or to visit my LinkedIn profile to get detailed information about my professional person.

Very important, it’s to show my work. I create a subpage for each project. The subpages were designed so that the user gets complete information about the project, like who was the customers, which was the output, the process and the result.

  • Motion
  • Graphic design
  • Just for fun